New Infrastructure

A lot of work goes into creating a growing community, and part of the early work which takes place on any new development is ensuring that the infrastructure is there to support and sustain it. At Locking Parklands, St. Modwen and Homes England have partnered with the most experienced technical specialists to ensure that Locking Parklands’ roads, utilities, green infrastructure and landscaped areas will meet the needs of the new community – both now and in the future. The new North-South Spine Road opened in January 2021 and will eventually connect the A371 to the A370, creating better access to the wider Parklands Village and beyond.

For more information on the Parklands Village please visit North Somerset Council’s website here.

RAF Locking

Locking Parklands is built on the site of a former Royal Air Force training base. Opened just before the Second World War, thousands of personnel were trained here, in skills from aircraft mechanics, airframes and rigging, to parachute fabric working and carpentry. They also trained recruits in marine craft, where seaplanes and flying boats would land on water for rescue or anti-submarine missions.

Locking Parklands then became home to the RAF’s No.1 Radio School in 1948, training radio, radar and missile technicians in various forms of communications electronics for nearly fifty years. The site was a training ground for apprentices but was also home to national service recruits and regular airmen. Members of foreign air forces, including Pakistan, Germany and Iran, also trained alongside the RAF service men and women.

RAF Locking closed at the turn of the century, but reminders of the military history in this area remain. The community centre, known as the Radio Wing, is the formal RAF Chapel which was refurbished by St. Modwen. Locking Parklands is proud to feature a monument dedicated to the apprentices who trained at RAF Locking. The monument and was designed by members of the RAF Locking Apprentice Association and was jointly funded by the Raflaa, St. Modwen and Homes England.

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